Want an expert advice for an Uncommon Activity

Asked October 13, 2015, 4:06 AM EDT

Want an expert advice for an Uncommon Activity

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Want an expert advice from doctors. (Dont publish my name)

Hello, i'm a 25yr old male. Im very much interested in scat sex. And also unsual sick and fetishsm. I forced my partner for a scat sex and some unusual foreplay activities related to scat and vomit sex. My partner feels very sad about my this behaviour. She could not cooperate with me in bed. She wants me to control my this habits. I realised my this uncommon activity, but i cant control that. If i forced, my partner also commits with me, but she scared about this scat.
And an another problem of me is Mastrubation. If my partner is off, i supposed to go with Mastrubation (Atleast once a Day), seeing the porn videos of scat, vomit, so and so, sick porns.

Now, my need is the answers of
*Is scat is good?
*If so, how should i proposed to my partner to convience her?
*Is that my Mastrubation rate is so high? Shall i control that?
*Seeing these type of porns is like an Untouchability matter?
*Shall i continue my favour with Scat?

Please explain me with a Detaillllleeed Answer. ThankYou.
(Dont publish my name)

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