what kind of plant?

Asked October 13, 2015, 12:12 AM EDT

What kind of plant is this??

Knox County Nebraska

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Sorry, I really can't tell from your picture. Are the leaves thick and waxy like a succulent? How long and wide are the leaves? Do the stems grow like a long vine? Are there any flowers? What color are the flowers?

Yes the leave are kind of thick and waxy....the leaves are about that 1 in long by a half wide....it grows like a vine with no flowers...my grandmas called it a leaf on leaf plant...

Your plant may be a type of Tradescantia, sometimes called wandering Jew or inch plant. Some of these plants have variegated leaves, green with white or silver stripes, and they usually have a purplish coloration to the underside of the leaf. Take a look at some of the pictures below.


If your plant is a tradescantia, it doesn't have very good leaf color. This could be because it doesn't get enough sunlight. These plants like bright sun, but not too much intense direct afternoon sun. A bright east or, partial shaded south or west window would be a good choice.