mushroom or ??

Asked October 12, 2015, 10:38 PM EDT

at the cromwell valley park fall festival, my friend and i happened upon this unknown quantity in lodged (or lodging) in the knot of a tree's trunk and felt sure it must be a mushroom of some kind but no idea what kind if so. there was a kind lady at the "master gardener" table who seemed to imply directly or indirectly were we to ever be confused as to what a plant or such was, we might be able to address the matter here so you might say this is a test ... a test question: what is that orange thing?

Baltimore County Maryland

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No mushroom comes to mind. Looks to us like some prankster or child stuck a lemon in a hole in the tree. It has the puckers, sheen, and shape of a lemon. Is this is about 4" in size? It may have been there for some time, which would account for the oozing.

You could try sending the photos to the Maryland Mycological Society if you're determined to have a more definitive answer.