Benefits of Art in Child Development

Asked October 12, 2015, 10:38 PM EDT

What benefits do children delight in exploring and creating with art materials?

what questions can I ask the children?

Cook County Illinois

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Good, insightful question! When children complete a project and want your input, they are most interested in interacting with you around their project. You can start with telling them that you like the picture (or whatever it is) but the child is not necessarily interested in this response. Instead, the child wants to interact with you around the picture. You can ask the child what it is, ask them to tell you about the picture, and maybe even expand this into a little story about the picture. You could even write down the story about the picture, and then you have the added benefit of expanding vocabulary and showing the child the importance of writing.

Children can get all kinds of benefits from art projects - motor skills, especially fine (hand) motor skills, hand-eye coordination, recognizing and creating patterns, learning about colors (what happens when you put yellow and blue together - you get green!), understanding representation (that a picture that represent a real object) which is also part of understanding that words represent objects also.