Fir trees dead or dying

Asked October 12, 2015, 10:01 PM EDT

We have lost several fir trees and several are dying in our community. I still have young trees, How can I keep them alive? is there a disease killing them?

Washington County Oregon

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We are seeing this all over the valley, and we believe it is related to the drought. We anticipate seeing more of this over the fall and winter, as Douglas-fir is really hammered by this dryness and we see a delayed branch and top dieback, and whole tree mortality effect after drought. The best bet for tree survival is a saturation watering of the soils around the tree once a month in any dry month. So this may even be good now although the rains seem to have come enough to moderate things. You are definitely not alone in this, as it is very common. We do not think a new disease or insect is involved. Here is a blog post that might help with photos: . Good luck,