how to get rid of bee balm/monardia

Asked October 12, 2015, 5:07 PM EDT

I have bee balm/monardia in an 8x8 foot box, I want to dismantal the box and if possible spread the top soil in the yard without having the bee balm spread. I already pulled out the stalks most with a clump of roots on the bottom since the soil was so wet from recent rains, how do I make sure the bee balm doesn't come back, I don't think I can sift the entire box of remaining soil and its too much for mr to haul away. thsnks

Cecil County Maryland

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Monarda has coarse roots that will not require sifting to see and remove. As you spread the top soil you can just pull out any that you spot. Should not be difficult at all. A garden rake or spading fork can be used to snag pieces, too.

If a small piece escapes your notice, it will not live long with the regular mowing that a lawn gets.


Thanks so much for your help.