yellow-jackets or hornets under cement pourch

Asked October 12, 2015, 3:27 PM EDT

The hornets have been living under the porch for a few years. After sealing their pathway to go under the porch and spraying, they seem to come back again and again. Last time i sprayed I got stung twice. Would like to solve the problem once for all. Help!


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If the under-porch is a contained area, you might want to use an insect fogger to fill the void where they reside with the fog. This type of insecticide will creep into each crack and crevice of their nest and kill them all.
Be sure to seal up all other openings to the porch so the insecticide can not escape.
if this attempt fails, call professional exterminator in your area.

Hornets are at their highest numbers in the fall. Once winter settles in, the colony rapidly declines, leaving only queens behind to start new colonies next spring. Those queens will disperse before winter and find other locations to hibernate till spring. Then in the spring they emerge from their sleep to go out and make new nests. If any queens stay in the nest overwinter, ( some do) they will be able to start building again as soon as the temperatures begin to steadily rise. you won't notice them at this point because they are so few.