Maple Wilt

Asked October 12, 2015, 8:56 AM EDT

One of the trees in my front yard has maple wilt, I really do not want to cut the tree down, is there a cure or anything I can do to fix the tree? Also could you give me name(s) of a certified arborist that i can contact?

New Castle County Delaware

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It is difficult to say for sure if your maple tree has dieback that is a result of maple wilt caused by Verticillium, or some other plant disease fungus, or merely environmental stress. If you trim off a branch, you should see dark discoloration in the water conducting or vascular tissue if it is Verticillium. In our area, there is a lot of dieback to other opportunistic fungi such as Botryosphaeria which gets into branches through breakage and wounds. Botryosphaeria has a very wide host range, and can also cause a leaf spot, but it over-winters in the twigs and bud scars.

I would recommend calling a certified arborist, who will evaluate the tree and prune it to save the tree. I also suggest reducing stress on the tree by watering during extended periods of drought in the summer, mulching, and avoiding injury by exposure to lawn chemicals, environmental stress and wind.

I do not usually suggest names of individual companies for tree care, but recommend that you check online or in ads for that ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) logo.

Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension,