Moving an established Showy Lady's Slipper

Asked October 11, 2015, 10:41 AM EDT

Years ago our daughter purchased a Showy Lady's Slipper from a local nursery. It has been in the present location for about 12 years and has 21 stems. The tree that was sheltering it has died and I am afraid there is too much sun for the plant to survive. How and when should I move it to a better spot?

Carver County Minnesota

1 Response

If the good weather continues then fall or early spring is a good time to transplant orchids. Only transplant dormant orchids. Spending the time to make sure the new location and soil is idea will make success more likely. Prep the new planting hole before attempting to move the orchids. Try very hard to take as much of the roots as possible. The roots are brittle and many believe that if the root tip breaks the orchid will not survive. Be very gentle and put them in their new location as soon as you can. Plant them at the same depth as they were in the previous location. When you dig them up dig 2-3 ft from the stalks to make sure roots are not damaged.