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Asked October 10, 2015, 3:07 PM EDT

I have many large leaved weeds which look a lot like rhubarb. They have very long roots (12"). They are hard to dig up. I would like to know if a chemical weed killer would get rid of them. And if I use a chemical, will it have an adverse effect on the honeysuckle that grows nearby. Thanks

Washington County Minnesota

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The plant you have described is probably burdock.

Burdock is fairly easy to control because it reproduces only by seed, and take two years to become a mature plant (biennial). The first year, low-growing plants called rosettes are produced from seed. To control the plants at this point, an application of herbicide is probably easier than digging out the deep taproot. In lawns, selective spot applications of 2,4-D or dicamba to rosettes and second year plants prior to flowering usually provides good results. Products containing glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium are effective but are non-selective herbicides that will kill any plant they come in contact with so don’t use them on grass, trees, or shrubs. Check the plant periodically in case regrowth is occurring from the roots. Herbicide control of burdock is most effective on the first-year rosettes. To control mature plants, cut them down before flowers and burs are formed. This will prevent new seeds from being produced and the parent plant will die because it has completed its life cycle. If burs are already formed, bag and dispose of the cut plants or burn them if possible.

If you use an herbicide, follow label instructions to avoid damaging the honeysuckle.

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