Central AC units submerged

Asked October 10, 2015, 1:37 PM EDT

the central air conditioning HVAC units outside our home are more than twenty years old and have been submerged under flood waters for five days. They seem to be working now but did the flooding result in damage that we will see later with developing corrosion.?

Dorchester County South Carolina

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Flood water can contain a variety of suspended materials. The primary concern is the effect that it could have on the electric motor that operates the fan of the air conditioner. Material can get into a motor that is not sealed and cause problems with bearings and potentially affect the motor windings leading to an electrical problem in the motor. The recommendation is to have the motor serviced by a professional. Depending on the type of motor it could be flushed with clean water to clean it and lubricated. The remaining portion of the unit that is outside of a building is a sealed unit, so should not be affected by the flood water except for potential contamination of the coil fins. Normal maintenance is to thoroughly flush/clean them with water from a hose periodically, This type of maintenance would be recommended to assure that the unit is clean, so it can function properly.