Kiwi problem

Asked October 10, 2015, 12:35 PM EDT

I have a male and female kiwi that flower and produce alot of fruit but the fruit never gets bigger than a large grape. What am i doing wrong?

Polk County Georgia

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Are you growing the green / golden kiwi or one of the hardy kiwi? The hardy kiwi produce very small fruit. If you do have the green or golden (Actinidia deliciosa or A. chinensis) you may have poor pollination. Kiwifruit are botanically berries, and like other berries, fruit size and shape is influenced by pollination. You may have had only a few of the ovaries end up getting fertilized, but have enough to cause the fruit to set. Another possibility is that the plant is over-cropped. Most fruit will be much smaller if too many fruit are left on the plant (peaches are really bad about this). If none of these apply, it may simply be that the plant is being hindered by something (sun, water, nutrients). Kiwi are very heavy drinkers, and exposure to drought for even short periods can stunt fruit size.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for replying to my question. As I have 5 beehives, pollination has never been an issue for me! I seem to always have an over abundance of fruit, so I believe my problem maybe over cropped. My girls do a great job and my vines are always overloaded with fruit. I hate to thin out my fruit, but apparently I need too. Thanks again, Stephanie Arnold

You're very welcome! You might find this information helpful as well: I don't have any specifics on thinning, but I would elect to leave only one fruit per cluster. You'd want to do this fairly early (probably when they are about dime-size) to get the greatest benefit.

Good luck!