Blooming Hydrangeas ??

Asked October 9, 2015, 4:34 PM EDT

Last year I pruned everything that looked dead from my large leaf, full-blossom hydrangeas and this year, while the bushes are full of beautiful leaves, there hasn't been one bloom. I understand the weather this year wreaked havoc on many gardens. Will they come back next year? Is there something I should ( or SHOULDN"T do) this fall to help them winter better?

Harford County Maryland no bloom hydrangeas

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Reasons for no bloom include improper pruning after the plants set their flower buds in the summer, cold damage, or too much shade.

You did not mention the type of hydrangea you are referring to. The bigleaf hydrangeas are the most common types in the landscape and flower on previous year’s growth. They can be susceptible to cold damage. If you have not pruned at all this season, then you may want to try protecting the plant with a burlap structure as protection from the winter elements and early spring frosts. This would be experimental depending upon your microclimate and the severity of our weather.

Otherwise, some of the newer cultivars like “Endless Summer” bloom on both old and new wood, so if winter damaged, you may have summer blooms. To control height prune after the first flush of flowers.

See the link from the National Arboretum regarding no bloom