Mossy Rose Gall

Asked October 9, 2015, 2:39 PM EDT

We have some shrub roses that seem to be infected with this issue. What we can do this fall to improve the health of the plants? We cut open some of the galls on the plant - so that is how we "diagnosed" our issue - we can see insects in the galls. We have lots of dead stalks on the plants. We did some major pruning this summer - it seemed to help on some shrubs but not others. Some continued to have dead stalks and form galls. Is it just a matter of removing all the galls? Should we cut the shrub way back to make sure all diseased stalks are gone? Do we need to worry about burning any diseased cuttings to prevent spread? Is it better to try and attack in the fall or in the spring? Should we be using an insecticide? Is that an effective option?

Anoka County Minnesota

1 Response

See the Minnesota Rose Society page for advice on caring for roses.
Mossy Rose Gall does not harm roses. Its damage is cosmetic.
Removing dead canes is always a good thing to do.
Other pests can cause rose problems. Rose can borer kills canes and comes to mind.
Check out diseases and pests on the American Rose Society web site
Rose sawflies aren't listed and they can skeletonize rose leaves and flowers and make a rose bush look pretty