Backyard Chicken Keeping

Asked October 9, 2015, 2:04 PM EDT

I live in Lehigh County and currently have 6 (5 1/2 if you count my bantam hen as a half!) chickens on a little over one and a half acres. My neighbor has now filed a complaint with my township about them in an effort to get me to get rid of them. I am looking for positive information on the benefits of raising backyard chickens to take before the board of supervisors when I go for my variance. Is there a group or some information that you can direct me to so I can get some additional information?

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Most of our information on backyard poultry can be found at:

As well as:

Be sure to review this publication that discusses raising poultry in urban settings.

As long as you can demonstrate the you are following the current ordinances, and can maintain your flock in the confines of your property, you should be OK. If though you are not adhering to a standing ordinance, then this may pose a problem. Most folks keep poultry because they enjoy watching them, enjoy the eggs that they often share with their neighbors, and appreciate where their food comes from. You need to keep proper housing and pens for the birds, refer to the website for ideas. Good luck with your meeting.