Dying Weeping Cherry

Asked October 9, 2015, 11:42 AM EDT

We purchased a new home in Southgate in 2013 that had a really beautiful weeping cherry in the front yard. This summer, I noticed that about 1/3 of the branches were no longer producing leaves and appeared to be dead. Now, all of the leaves are browning instead of turning the yellow/orange shade they usually do in the fall. I did notice what looked like a bagworm next at the base of the tree and did remove it, however there were no signs of the worms in the tree itself. I have very little experience caring for ornamental trees, but would like some DIY advice before I call in an expert. Any advice on the steps I can take to save the tree and generally care for it better would be great. Warm Regards, Brandon Hart UK Class of 2007.

Campbell County Kentucky

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Feel free to give me a call on my mobile # to discuss in more detail. The number is 859-992-1768. The dead areas could be caused by boring insects or bagworms or other reasons. You could treat the tree with an insecticide applied as a soil drench but you definitely do not want to do this until after the tree is finished flowering. Imidacloprid (liquid) is available to be used as a soil drench.
You may want to wait to see how the tree "leaves out" then make the decision if you want to keep it. The areas without leaves this summer may not produce new growth. I make free property visits to residents of Campbell Co. Call me or email me your address if you'd like for me to take a look at it. Email: djscully@uky.edu