Asked October 8, 2015, 11:32 PM EDT

Four years ago my fabulous 40-year-old roses succumbed to rose rosette virus, and I dug them up and destroyed them. I would like to replant roses in the same bed, but wonder if you have an opinion about the success of this. If that is prudent, could I do the planting this month? I live in Harford County. I have another rose elsewhere that has grown lopsided over the summer. Is it all right to prune it now, or better to wait until early spring?

Harford County Maryland

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You need to be sure that all rose roots have been removed before planting roses in the same spot where a rose has had rose rosette. People generally plant roses in the early spring to give them a chance to establish before winter. If we have a very mild winter, planting in the fall would be ok. The best time to prune is in the early spring. If a rose has grown so that it scratches people when they walk on a sidewalk or if it might blow wildly in the winter wind, it could be pruned now. Otherwise it would probably be best to prune in early spring. vw