Too late to transplant?

Asked October 8, 2015, 11:38 AM EDT

I have some lavender, asters, coreopsis, Russian sage and Bo-Bo hydrangeas that I want to move. Is it too late to attempt that now or should I wait till early spring? Thanks, Mary Parker

Fayette County Kentucky

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Here is a good resource on transplanting perennials.

You are cutting it a little close. The average first hard freeze in Kentucky is early November. you want a good three to four weeks before that first hard freeze. Remember, average does not mean that's when the first hard freeze will happen; sometimes we get them sooner, sometimes later. If you decide to risk it, I would pay particular attention to some of the mulching instructions in the linked publication. Mulching can help if we have dry weeks ahead (most people don't think about the fall and early winter being dry). Mulch more importantly helps provide stable and warmer temperatures.

Here is a resource on hydrangeas in general:

Fall is a good time for transplanting typically. But a few weeks earlier would have been safest for the plants.