Boar goat start up

Asked October 7, 2015, 8:26 AM EDT

I have recently moved back to my family ranch in Silver Texas. The land is mostly in the hills there. Originally There at the home place we were set up for cows, with pens and a couple of holding traps. The fencing is weak at best, and in need of service or replacement. We are thinking about starting up a either a cow or Boar Goat business. I'm sure the first problem would be the fencing. What would be the difference in a general Boar Goat, Business and a Show Goat business, with an AI program?

Coke County Texas

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That is a broad question? I'll just hit some highlights. To get into more details, give me a call at 903-813-4202. Obviously one is for meat production and the other for the show industry. Meat production would manage more for quantity and find niche markets to sell animals at a premium. Market animals could be purchased at a lower cost compared to show animals but you would still have same investment in vaccinations and deworming, vet blls, feed, pasture management, fencing, livestock guardian animal, penning, trailer and equipment, time, etc. Show animals require much more knowledge - you need to really know the "game", know what you are producing and why, develop clientele, develop and maintain herd genetics, etc. . You'll have a larger investment in purchasing breeding show quality animals because you are buying genetics. Meat production would be a much smaller learning curve. If you want to reply by e-mail, please use