Trees that won't kill or make horses sick in the Desert in Wonder Valley, Ca.

Asked October 6, 2015, 11:13 AM EDT

My friend is trying to plant trees living in the desert. She wants a weeping willow, but it's dying. She is planting other types of trees as well. But with no avail, What is the best Trees that she can plant in the desert sand, that will grow and not kill or make her horses sick? Thank You very Much.

San Bernardino County California

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I know of no trees that will hurt or kill horses, though I would guess there would be some (I know very little about horses). Willows and cottonwoods should be fine, as well as maples, most fruit trees, and many others. The trees will need plenty of water though, and they will need protection from the horses and other livestock. Willows and cottonwoods especially need a lot of water.