Yellow jackets entering house through opening between brick and siding

Asked October 5, 2015, 3:12 PM EDT

Yellow jackets have been entering through an opening between the brick and vinyl siding on my house. I've sprayed wasp & hornet spray, and sealed the opening and have no visible bees outside. However, I'm sure there are live bees still inside the wall. Question: How long will it take for the bees to die / and for the hive to be completely dead? Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Normally if the nest is located outdoors, with the first hard frost the queen will overwinter elsewhere and the workers will die. The nest is not reused the following year. In your case since it sounds like they are nesting indoors in the walls in your home. In this case, the insects may survive the winter. We'd suggest taking some action to investigate. You should hire a pest control company to do this as these insects can be mean where their nest is involved and proper protection is needed. The insects can also do interior damage. You also have the option of hiring a bee keeper that controls yellow jacket and hornet nests.