What is the name of this plant?

Asked October 4, 2015, 1:04 PM EDT

We bought this plant in the nursery and threw it in our waterfall. It grows in the water - it just exploded and looks beautiful! It almost looks like an evergreen but a water plant! We can't remember what its name is, and my plant identification apps can't identify it. Any ideas ?


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It looks a bit like coontail. Coontail is a weed can be a problem in ponds. But is is a submerged plant. your plant looks like it is above the water surface. I am looking for an ID. It also looks like an asparagus fern, but they are not really considered a water feature plant.

Can you give me any details on the plant? Where you purchased? how it grows, on the rocks below or above the water surface, If above, how wet does it stay? other details?

Thank you Frank for your rapid response. This plant definitely grows from beneath the water surface. While not out of the question since I bought this at a nursery it would seem to indicate that it is not a weed ( I just forgot from which nursery I bought it! )

The term "exploded" made me think of weeds. Remember that the true definition of a weed is any plant located where you don't want it. Many of our weeds in lawns, gardens, fields or water bodies are completely acceptable in other locations. One of the worst weeds that we have in fields where we apply biosolids (treated sewage sludge) is tomatoes!! Milkweed is a weed in soybeans, but very necessary for the monarch butterfly so it is in many butterfly garden mixes of wild flowers.

We have a pretty good Aquatic Plant Guide at Texas A&M. Check it out if I missed the mark.

Frank the needles on the plant almost make it look like a fir tree branching out and upward towards the sun. Thanks for this great resource !