small bird made hole in my home

Asked October 4, 2015, 10:38 AM EDT

I noticed a hole in the side of my home a little bigger than a golf ball. I saw a bird coming out of it but it was not a wood pecker. I don't know what kind of bird it is or why it would be making holes in the side of my home. Doesn't seem to be making a nest. I can't see if there are any bugs or any other reason that would attract this bird to my home. Upon inspection of other areas I found another hole similar to the first one. My wife said she saw the second hole about a year ago and thought it was a dirt spot on the siding. Can you give me any ideas on how to stop this? thank you

The home exterior is stucco/drivet finish (plaster & stucco over styrofoam.

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In the fall, woodpeckers make holes to create roosting cavities for shelter from the winter cold. They are attracted to hollow sounding areas which the bird then begins to peck out an entry hole. The stucco finish on your home sounds like a hollow tree to an investigating woodpecker.

What did the bird look like which you saw exiting from the hole? Other birds will use woodpecker roosting holes (wrens, nuthatches). You should repair the holes as soon as possible. The presence of a hole is a visual attractant to woodpeckers.

Here are several ideas for discouraging further woodpecker damage. Hang some shiny, reflective plastic plates or long shiny mylar stripes in the area around the holes. The strips or plates should be able to swing freely in the wind.

Another tactic is to provide roosting boxes for the birds nearby so that they won't drill any more holes.

Finally, plastic netting may be hung to cover the area where the birds are pecking.

Please keep in mind that woodpeckers are a protected species.

Here's a link to Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology for more detailed information:

If you are persistant, you should be able to prevent more damage without harming the birds.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more assistance.