Harvesting White Oak

Asked October 2, 2015, 10:39 PM EDT

Our small farm in Jefferson has an abundance of mature Oregon white oak trees. We wish, in the most conservative and environmentally responsible way, to market some of this timber from the stump. We understand that OSUES could help us with some forestry advice to this end. Contact information for a forester who would work with us would be great.

Linn County Oregon

1 Response

If you have a limited number of trees (small area/few trees) then paying for a forester might not leave you much money. First, check the size of your tree. In order to be an oak sawlog, you need a STRAIGHT log at least 10 feet long and a MINIMUM of 12 inches diameter on the small end of the log. You may well have some viable sawlogs on your property, but lots of people think they do when there really isn't anything of substantial value. And sad as it sounds, oftentimes, firewood is of greater value than the sawlogs. I can't think of a forester that is real savvy with the oak. If you have a few days, drop a line and possibly someone from extension could visit you.......save you a few bucks and at least you'd get an idea on whether to proceed with your project.