Estimating the age of a Garryanna Oak

Asked October 2, 2015, 11:04 AM EDT

Hello, We have an Oak tree with a circumference of 135" in our front yard. Can you tell how old it is? It is about 100' tall and healthy. Thanks. Kevin Sullivan Corvallis, OR

Benton County Oregon

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...Is a big son of a gun..... White oaks can live a few hundred years and that guy is pretty my GUESS would be that tree is in the range of 100 -150 years old. But remember, that is only a guess. You could get someone to boor the tree, but these older/slower growing trees are hard to measure. So I'd suffice it to say it was here when Teddy was saying " bully bully" Long as it's healthy, you got a lotta years to enjoy it.