Wool "Run" count origin

Asked October 2, 2015, 4:32 AM EDT

The spun wool count system used in the U.S. is primarily 1600 yds to the pound. The secondary is Cut at 300 yds to the pound.

What is the origin of the term Run, and what is the origin of the term Count

Hampden County Massachusetts sheep wool

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Hi Jeff;

Thanks but that did not help. I am looking specifically for the origin of the Woolen count "Run" or "Cut"

In most of the US spun wool is designated in Run, Re; 1600yds/lb. = 1R
In the greater Philadelphia area, in Cut, Re; 300yds = 1 Cut.

What are Run and Cut based on. That's the question

Tom Beaudet

Yarn is measured in linear density and this linear density is defined in counts e.g. 1/29, 1/20, 1/16, where the one (1) is the number of ends and the following number 29 is the density ; 2/29 would be two ends of 1/29 twisted together. Count is the name describing the piece of yarn that tells exactly how thick it is. Run is one of the ways of calculating count (yard length per pound). Not sure where it came from.