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Asked October 1, 2015, 9:31 AM EDT

My tree has something wrong with it. I asked a tree service to give me a quote to clean out the dead branches and they told me that I needed to send pics to you - that something is wrong with my tree and that if they trim it, they might be opening it up to bacteria. I really do not want to lose this tree. Can you tell from the pictures what is wrong and what I need to do?
Thanks so much!
Leslie Hudson 214-616-7428

Dallas County Texas

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The photos you submitted did not show very much that would cause concern. Based on the photo, it appears that you may be dealing with some fungal leaf spot. Several fungi are active this time of the year and caused such spot symptoms. Excessive leaf spotting, when severe and occur in multiple successive years, can result in poor health trees. Otherwise, these symptoms are not uncommon. I could not tell much from the tree photo, but was concern to see that part of the lawn appear to be devoid of grass in comparison to the opposite side. I cannot tell from the photo if that side of the tree is worse. If it is, then there may be some valid concerns regarding health of tree.

Unfortunately photos does not tell the whole story. In you situation, I would suggest getting a certified arborist or a reputable tree service (often they have ISA certified arborist on staff) to do an onsite evaluation and prognosis.
Contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension county office in Dallas (http://dallas.agrilife.org) for local assistance.