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Asked September 30, 2015, 10:27 PM EDT

I was a freshman in high school and I met this girl, we became really close friends. I would go over to her house and we'd hang out and everything! I got along with her friends just great. Her and her new boyfriend started having problems. And of course me being her friend I was there for her. They fought several times and I was always there to help her when she needed me. But one time when they fought apparently someone told her boyfriend that I told her to break up with him, which never happened. Then he went around and started telling everyone that they couldn't trust me and I'm a bad person and all this other bull. He then hated me and told his girlfriend (my friend) to stop talking to me and unfriend me on every account we had eachother on. Of course she didnt. We still talked behind his back but it was never the same. Our conversations weren't as upbeat as they used to be. We stopped really hanging out. When I'd go over we just kinda sit there and didn't know what to talk about. Then we'd kinda stopped talking. When we went on summer vacation all of a sudden she became more active with me again. So we started talking like we used to and everything was kinda okay.. her boyfriend still hated me though. Anyways I had a boyfriend too and one day she tells me that he stole one her things. So I asked my boyfriend about it and he said he didn't have anything. I believed him cause he hates her and he doesn't even like being around her so why would he take something of hers. I told her what he said and then she started giving me all this attitude. At first I thought it was her boyfriend since he had her Facebook account but then she started unfriending me on everything. And I know he doesn't have all her accounts. I tried to get a hold of her any way that I could but she wouldn't respond to me. The last thing she sent me before she did all that was "sorry I don't want to be friends anymore" and she left. When we came back to school I found out I had a class with her. I just ignored it. The teacher ended up giving us assigned seats and guess who I ended up with. Her. She acted like everything was the same. She called me by my nickname she gave me and she tries to hug me and she always wants to talk. But I had spent 3 nights crying cause I lost a really important person in my life and I tried to put her behind me and move on... but she's asking me to hang out at her house again. Just like before. And I personally don't want to be her friend again. Because when we stopped being friends she was such a bitch to me. Now all of a sudden she's my friend? When we talk in class she's all nice and we laugh and I actually like it because I do really like her as my friend. She told me she felt like I was a sister to her. But after everything that's happened and how she just throw me away I can't be her friend. I really don't want to go through her bull sh*t again. But I don't know how to tell her this. Because I deleted all the evidence against her because I was trying to get rid of her from my memory. Im also worried about telling her because we sit next to eachother and I don't want her to start saying this again either. I'm really torn between trying to forgive her or continue moving on! Can someone help me?

Los Angeles County California

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