How can I get rid of fleas in a room?

Asked September 30, 2015, 7:00 PM EDT

I kept five half-grown cats for a friend. She said that she checked them for fleas and even treated them. If they didn't have fleas, they must have had eggs on them or something because some days after they left, my sewing room in the basement (where I kept them) was infested with fleas!

I spread some diatomaceous earth and I'm doing the light/sudsy water thing and that's working, but there are just so many of them. I've kept them confined to that room by stuffing rags under the door and spraying around the door. I don't want to use a lot of toxic sprays, etc.

I read that if they don't have a food source they'll be dead in about 100 days. Is that true? They don't have a food source unless maybe they found a mouse.

Cullman County Alabama

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Yes you can eventually starve them out once the cats are gone but cocoons can lie around for a very long time (12 months). Take a look at the non-chemical control options and suggestions for indoor control in these publications:

Thank you, but are you saying that, although all the cats shed cocoons at the same general time, they may not all develop at around the same time and that it's possible for some to lay dormant for a year before hatching?! Yikes.

This room is going to be a nightmare to clean....tons of fabric, rugs, a recliner, a futon, boxes of "stuff". Guess I'd best don my hazmat suit and get to it. Thanks for your response.

Yes the cocoons from the same eggs/larvae can finish their lifecycle over several months. Good luck.