I am a resident in a Sylvania township subdivision known as Park Place of...

Asked September 29, 2015, 9:27 AM EDT

I am a resident in a Sylvania township subdivision known as Park Place of Sylvania. We as a group are concerned about the deterioring conditions of 4 lakes within our residential area. We want to know if you could offer suggestions concerning a course of action we could undertake that would improve the water clarity, weed control, algae, etc. of all our lakes. Currently and for the past 5 to 6 years the course of action was to hire a pond service to spray the surface of the lakes nearest the banks for weed control. It is the consensus of our residents that this action has not improved the conditions. My wife and I are starting to investigate natural remedies in which blue talopia, grass carp,and microbes would be introduced into these ponds and lakes in an effort to improve their conditions. Any help, advice or onsite inspection you could give us would be very much appreciated. Carl Tiell, Resident of Park Place of Sylvania

Lucas County Ohio

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There are many layers and many unknowns in a query like this. Depth? Size and age of ponds? Current management practices including specific chemicals applied, aeration and type, etc? Is it possible to give my office a call in the coming week (contact info below)? (I have some field work in the coming week. Your best bets will be early afternoons of Tuesday or Friday.) Would a site visit and presentation to your homeowners association be of use?

Blue Tilapia and Grass Carp/White Amur do have some limitations in where they are appropriate as management tools. I'm personally skeptical of the utility of microbial treatments in most situations. Diffuser aeration from deep water can often be a benefit, but takes some time to realize those benefits.

Luck, and please do call.

Enjoyed our chat, Carl. I'll look forward to that time to visit your site.