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Asked September 28, 2015, 3:32 PM EDT

Hi! I am wondering if you have a publication that gives information on the types of wild edible plants (everything from trees to flowers and grasses) that would grow well in Trigg County? For example, will pecan trees bear fruit (nuts) will huckleberries grow, etc

Trigg County Kentucky

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I can't find a good publication that lists edible plants for our area. There are some wild plants or weeds that you can eat, Pokeweed, Lambquarters, Blackberries, and Wild or foxgrapes come to mind. All these are well adapted and are at least somewhat weedy if allowed to take over. as far as trees that will bear nuts or fruit some common ones for us are walnut, pecan, hickory, cherry, paw paw, and persimmon can all be found wild. Apples, pears, cherry, plumbs, and blueberries can also be grown successfully, but probably will require some management for quality fruit. below are some links that may help you in deciding if what you have is edible or not, the most important thing is to ID the plant correctly. I think that the best way to proceed is to figure out what you have, then decide if it's edible. I would be glad to help you with the ID if you 'd like our office is at:

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