How do I store potatoes after harvesting them?

Asked September 28, 2015, 3:03 PM EDT

I have harvested my first time crop of russet and red potatoes. What is the best way to store these, and can I use the small ones for seed potatoes next year?

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Do not wash potatoes before storing as the dampness can promote early spoilage. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark place with relative humidity on the higher side. A cool basement or cellar works as long as the temperature is a constant 45°F. Avoid garages because of the temperature fluctuation, and do not store potatoes in a refrigerator. Here are some helpful links:

Saving seed potatoes is not recommended because of the risk of getting disease problems with potatoes that are saved from one year to the next. For best results, buy certified seed potatoes from garden centers or mail order to limit the risk of disease in the potato crop for the current year. Avoid planting potatoes from the supermarket as they can be treated with sprout inhibitors. They may also be less vigorous and more prone to disease.

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