leftover grape skins

Asked September 27, 2015, 1:57 PM EDT

A friend of the family owns a

winery located here in Auburn California, when he's finished processing the grapes he donates them to another friend who cultivates marijuana for their CBD's and cancer research. I've seen him mix them in his soil and blends em with his compost as well as top dressing somebof his larger potted plants I was just curious if that's a good thing to do it seems like a raw fruit like that needs to be broken down first am I thinking correctly ?

Placer County California horticulture

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Thanks for your question. Leftover fruits and vegetables are a great addition to a compost pile. I would not suggest adding them raw to your soil. The benefit of compost lies in that is a mix of materials high in both carbon and nitrogen. It's the blending that helps make it a terrific soil amendment.