Grass seed for SW Colorado mesa

Asked September 27, 2015, 1:38 PM EDT

Hello, I'm looking for grass seed for reclamation after a waterline excavation. Rain and snow are the only water sources available for irrigation. The land is located on a mesa at 9000' in San Miguel County, CO. The native vegetation is a mix of grasses, wildflowers, sagebrush, mountain mahogany, gambel oak, pinion, juniper and ponderosa pine. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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San Miguel County Colorado

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Robert, thank you for your question.

Ornamental Grasses Ornamental grasses add texture and form to any landscape. Particularly well suited to Front Range open space or natural area. Most native grasses and ornamental grasses do not require much water. However, they will need additional water to be established. You may need to depend on the weather forecast for the additional water.

Indian rice grass Delicate bunchgrass reaching 24 inches with attractive plumes. Performs well up to 9,000 feet.

Sideoats grama Bunchgrass with seed heads on one side of the stem. Performs well up to 9,000 feet. May reach 36 “ in height.

June grass Growing up to 24”, this bunch grass has an attractive open flower panicle. June grass will grow up to 11,000 feet and can tolerate some shade.

Western wheat grass Sod-forming grass with bluish leaves and flower spikes. Likes moist soils but may spread quickly. Reduce irrigation and this grass will grow slower. May reach 40” and performs well up to 10,500 feet.

Here is a link from Colorado State University that will provide additional information.