Nutritional Yeast

Asked September 26, 2015, 4:19 PM EDT

Forty five Years ago I used nutritional yeast in almost everything. I had gotten the information from out Fernridge Extension Group. Do you still have info available on this? I am learning to cook with no added salt, for a daughter with congestive heart failure. I need some flavor additives. Can you recommend a reliable website to find more information? Thanks! Letha Jaennette 5335 Daisy #131 Springfield, Or 97478-7903

Lane County Oregon

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Hello Letha,
Nutritional yeast is making a bit of a comeback isn't it? It is a yeast that has been deactivated meaning it doesn't have leavening properties. As you mentioned, it is used as a flavor additive. It is not nutrient-rich but does have trace amounts of B-vitamins and can have B12 if the yeast is fortified. Depending on the brand, it is generally low sodium. I checked a couple nutrition labels and found that for a 1/4 cup there was only 25 mg of sodium (and 3 grams of fiber which surprised me). Extension does not recommend one brand over another but here is a nutrition label from Bob's Red Mill (their yeast can be ordered on line and its from Oregon!)
Here is a nice handout I found that suggests ways to use nutritional yeast as a flavoring.
I hope this is what you are looking for. If not, please let me know. Best wishes to you and your daughter. Patty