Lungworm? In a goat

Asked September 25, 2015, 11:51 PM EDT

I believe my goat has lungworm. She has a rough coat and coughs aggressively about 4-6 times a day but has no other symptoms. Her friends show no symptoms at all. The only treatment I see recommended for lungworm is ivermectin, which has ceased to be effective in goats ( at least in FL ). Is there any other treatment available without a prescription?

Columbia County Florida

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Hi, I am in Virginia so I am not terribly familiar with some of your FL specific issues. We are having some resistance pop up to ivermectin as well. The Ivermectin resistance we are seeing is specific to the barber pole worm not a resistance in the goat itsself. That is confusing and many people mis understand that to mean the goat is resistant but really the parasite (barber pole worm) is what is actually resistant. If that is the same in FL than Ivermectin should still work fine for a lung worm.
There is also a product called Prohibit that seems to be working well for some of our producers controlling lung worms. I would also highly recommend you having a fecal egg count done with a vet or local lab to be sure this is what you are dealing with.