Yellow jacket nest inquiry

Asked September 25, 2015, 3:45 PM EDT

There is a yellow jacket nest in a creek wall adjacent to our house. The creek wall has partially collapsed, exposing the nest and leaving it in a precarious position hanging over the creek. I really need to get into this spot and do some work before the rains start. If I knock that nest down and it is smashed on the rocks of the creek, will the yellow jackets disperse?

Lane County Oregon

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No good answer here.

In September the yellow jackets are MOST active. Any disturbance they will be on you very quickly. I hit a nest with the lawn mower, they chased me 50 yards, and even into the house. They were very aggressive. 10 bits in 3 minutes.

Cutting the net would work if the creek can move the nest down stream. Just landing the nest on the rocks the yellow jackets will try and rebuild the nest in the broken wall.

Being near the creek the use of any pesticide is not recommended.

At night in the dark, try and capture the nest in a plastic garbage can and quickly lid the can in the dark,.

Hang a lot of the yellow jacket traps near the nest will help a bit.