Squirrels eating my garden

Asked September 25, 2015, 9:48 AM EDT

How do I keep squirrels out of my tomatoes? I have fenced them in, they climb the fence and carry them out. Other than hooking electricity up to the fence, I'm not winning. Mine are late coming in as we had a lot of rain and then really hot. I have about 4 different kinds of tomatoes and I have yet to get a ripe one other than the cherry and grape ones. Next year there will be a fence and top on my garden. I just some advice for this year to get finished out. I planted all Bonnie plants this year because of sweet potato plants that did so well last year.

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Dixie Kinsler

Montgomery County Ohio squirrels pest management horticulture

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Exclusion is the best method for keeping wildlife out of your garden and electric fence is one of the options that can work. Many farm supply stores sell electric or solar powered chargers and also sell electric fencing wire or tape.

Short term for this year (as long as you don't have hundreds of plants), I would use chicken mesh around each individual plant and I would put a top on them. It will make it challenging for harvest, but at least you will have something to harvest. There really aren't any great options other than to exclude them from the plant.

Greg Meyer