Pachysandra & blue (Juniper?) ground cover

Asked September 24, 2015, 11:49 AM EDT

Sections of the pachysandra are dead/dying and there is a white speckle on some of the living growth. What may be the cause and its treatment? The blue juniper has developed significant browning. What may be the cause and its treatment? Pictures attached

Baltimore County Maryland

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We cannot say definitively what the problem is with your Blue Star junipers. They look like young plants. Most of Maryland has been having an extended drought (since june) and if these are young plants they may be suffering drought damage. On the other hand, if they're getting watered overhead, repeatedly wetting the foliage, it could be a fungal disease. Also, check the base of the plants to be sure that the trunks are not buried by soil, mulch or stone. All cause problems. Plants must be planted at the same soil level they were raised in. All mulch should be kept at least several inches away from the trunk of the plant.

If you want to send us close-up photos of the juniper foliage, we may be able to be more specific.

Your pachysandra is showing two likely problems:
The browning is probably volutella, a fungal disease. Stress, such as drought, makes pachysandra more susceptible to disease. Here's our website info on that:

The white specks you are seeing are euonymus scales, a type of insect.Here are some good photos:
And good info: