hemlock tree lower trunk buried in sand

Asked September 24, 2015, 10:21 AM EDT

I live in north west Michigan near Sleeping Bear Dunes. I have a Hemlock tree in my front yard. It is about 20-24 feet tall and has a six inch trunk diameter. When the house was built, the builder back filled sand and buried the trunk, possibly as much as 15-18 inches deep. It has been buried for 8 years. The tree is thriving. Do I need to uncover the trunk down to the normal height? If I uncover it and it makes a "well" around the base of the tree, is that better or worse for the tree? Should I just leave it alone? Our soil is extremely sandy.

Benzie County Michigan

4 Responses

Normally we recommend against burying the base of the trunk. Since the tree has been fine after 8 years I would not recommend doing anything especially creating a depression close to the trunk. Do not water excessively close to the trunk.

Thanks for the prompt response. If I can uncover the trunk without creating a well should I do so? The only water this tree gets is what the weather provides.

No, I would not do a thing if the tree has adapted well to the situation. I was worried you might plant something close to the trunk that requires frequent watering.

Thank you very much for your advice.