Emerald Green Thuja Turning Brown

Asked September 24, 2015, 7:54 AM EDT

What could be the cause of newly planted (April, 2015) emerald green thujas turning brown in Waco, Texas? Of 8 plants, 3 look dead (completely brown), 2 have some brown leaves mostly at the tops, and 3 look fine. Do not see any evidence of insect damage, and mulch does not touch the plants. All plants have been watered regularly because it is very dry and hot. Plants are in full sun.

McLennan County Texas

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Thank you for your question.
The first year of transplant of trees are critical as they are higher prone to failure until they get established. A likely explanation is poor establishment. This could be a result of how fast or if new roots are growing and helping to nourish the tree. Also, the larger the tree at transplant, the harder it is to get it established.
Plant could also fail if root ball had gotten too dry (when conditions are dry AND hot) at some point prior and after transplant.