Yellow Jackets

Asked September 23, 2015, 9:03 PM EDT

I have a shrub (variegated euonymus) that is right outside my back door that yellow jackets are living in. I have tried spraying hornet spray in but not getting rid of them. I believe their nest is in the ground under the plant. They are very aggressive and have been all summer. I have been stung numerous times trying to get rid of but nothing seems to work. Is there a powder that I put on the plant that the yellow jackets can take to their nest to kill them?

Wayne County Pennsylvania

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Yellow jackets are actually a type of wasp.
This is certainly not a good situation. I am sending you some information that should help you safely take action. However if you are allergic to them or anyone else in your household is I suggest you call a professional to deal with this rather than trying to do it yourself. You must be careful around them at all times as I am sure you are well aware of having already been stung. Ouch. Again if you attempt this yourself, use extra caution please.

Good luck.