Possible spider infestation.

Asked September 23, 2015, 2:48 PM EDT

Hi there, I recently moved into a newly constructed basement apartment. I fully expect to see a few spiders and other critters in a ground floor unit that is new, but in the few months since moving in, my family and I have had a major issue with spiders. I have had my walls covered in newborn spiders twice, and find several species of spiders all over the apartment. My landlord has had exterminators spray twice, but the amount of spiders has not changed. We kill or relocate spiders sometimes 8-10 in a single day. I have a few pictures of them. I have two young children and would like to know if they could be harmful since I have found them near where my youngest child plays and sleeps. Thank you, Ashley.

Onondaga County New York

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We would recommend no more pesticide use (professional or otherwise) in your apartment. These chemicals of far more concern than spiders.
New construction was open to the elements and nature for a good period of time, so it's not unusual to be seeing lots of spiders of all kinds, including new hatchings.
Keep either moving them out, (they are very beneficial insects outdoors) or use a vacuum with a hose attachment to just suck them up. You will eventually get ahead of them.
There are many kinds of spiders, and all are shy, and in Maryland, only 2 are of medical concern, so do not worry about your child.
You have a good Extension program at Cornell in your state. Feel free to contact them for additional information.