Palo Verde Borer Beetle

Asked September 23, 2015, 11:33 AM EDT

A huge black beetle appeared in our Corvallis yard this summer. I took a picture and now believe it is a Palo Verde Borer Beetle. From what I can tell, it is unusual for such a beetle to be found this far north. I uploaded the picture. I also have a video. Am I right in my identification? What can you say about its prevalence here? Is there any connection to the sections of dead leaves we are seeing on trees? Thanks, Jim

Benton County Oregon

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This is a closely related species called the California prionus beetle, see The Palo Verde beetle does not occur this far north. These beetles are fairly common around here but spend most of their lives as larvae feeding on tree roots, so are out of sight. Beetles are often found near outdoor lighting like street lights.