chlorosis on maple

Asked September 21, 2015, 4:10 PM EDT

I have 2 maples, an older one which has chlorosis, and also i think ants are also infesting the branches without leaves. I was reading through your information about Chlorosis, is there any way to treat this tree yourself and when will be a good time, the fall, spring pr summer. We can ask that the dead branches to be removed as well. Should I hire an arborist to treat the tree? Do you recommend anyone? The other maple is a young one, 6-7 years old, and started to have chlorosis as well. Can i spray iron around the tree? We check our soil at the University of Minnesota and is very alkaline. Please help

Hennepin County Minnesota iron chlorosis

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The dead limbs can be pruned off anytime.
We are not allowed to recommend business's.
check for more information.
Yes you might consider a arborist but check the cost.

my soil is very alkaline, what products i can use that i can find to acidify and increase the iron levels in the soil. What season will be the best, should i apply now and in the spring?
Please make suggestions of products if possible.

Spring is probably the best time, however, There are many factors to consider so please check for more information. We are not allowed to recommend specific brands or manufacturers so follow package directions.