Should I give my lushly growing amaryllis a dormant period?

Asked September 21, 2015, 1:03 PM EDT

I put three amaryllis bulbs outside to enjoy the summer weather, and boy did they! They have many lush green leaves. One that had not bloomed at Christmas bloomed 3 weeks ago. So now it's time to bring them in. Seems a shame to tuck such lushness away in the dark, but is that what I should do? I do not need them to bloom on any particular timetable.

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Unless there is a period of dormancy, there will not be any blooms.

Or... if you let them stay green and lush, there will be no flowers. Dormancy resets their clocks to flower-time. The plant needs to be dormant for about two months. It can be longer if you don't want the flowers about eight weeks after repotting and moving to a bright location. You may need to find a bigger container if the bulb is much bigger. Replace as much of the soil-less medium with fresh and water well and put in the sunniest window that you have. And in eight weeks, there should be a new flower stalk emerging.