Fig tree recovery from freeze

Asked September 21, 2015, 12:19 PM EDT

My fig tree recovered nicely. However I let many lower branches bush out while only two reach over ten feet to the sky. It is currently full of immature fruit. I want a low bush -like tree. How and when do I prune it? How many low branches do I leave and what about shortening the tall spiking branches?

Lane County Oregon

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Typically the immature fruit will not ripen this late unless we get an Indian summer. there should have been a summer crop 2-4 weeks ago.
Wait until Nov. - March to prune the fig tree. Determine how high you wish the bush-tree to be. I keep mine just under 6 foot tall. I don't let the branches get above this mark and prune several times during the summer time to keep it under control.

The key is limit the height. The lower branches are ok. Easy to pick from. If you wish a tree shape, remove more of the lower branches and limit the height. If you wish a bush, leave the lower branches and again, limit the height.

If pruning is scary, Lane County will have many pruning classes this winter. Call or drop by the office for a list which is usually available around November 1st.

THANKS! This question has been nagging me for months. How simple an answer. I so appreciate your help! Julia Craig

I am glad we could help.

The locate Extension office has good information on most gardening questions: OSU Extension - Lane County, 996 Jefferson Street, corner of Jefferson and 10th, M-Th, 10-1 and 2-5pm.

Master Gardener Hotline 541 344-0265