What kind of plant is this?

Asked September 21, 2015, 11:08 AM EDT

I got this plant from my grandmother and I have no idea what it is. Can you please let me know, so I can take care of it?

Outside United States

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You are not the only one to inherit one of these from Grandma! This is a Schlumbergera, more commonly known as Christmas Cactus. They are lovely in bloom, which tends to happen around the holidays, hence the name. They are generally an easy-care houseplant, which can be put outside during the summer. They do need some special care to get them to bloom - they need 14 hour nights uninterrupted by lights, which can be accomplished by covering them at night. Illinois Extension has a good article on their care here https://web.extension.illinois.edu/cfiv/homeowners/111122.html