Front Yard; Grass does not grow

Asked September 21, 2015, 8:23 AM EDT

The grass on the front yard of my house does not grow. It gets sun all day and I tried putting down sawed and seeds without much luck. I still have some dead sawed underneath and am looking for a design for the front yard that does not involve much grass or minimum grass since our kids play there. The larger side of the yard is 13X10 and the other part 5X10. Would love to have some ideas. Thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Some basic tips you must follow to have a successful lawn:

Prime time to plant seed is in the fall, not spring. Spring plantings almost always die in the summer because they do not have enough root system established yet.

Plant a tall turf-type fescue in a sunny location. A little bluegrass mixed in is okay. Do not use any other kind of seed, such as annual rye.

A healthy lawn must be fertilized. Fall is the best time.

Get a soil test done. If you lawn has gotten too acidic, you will not be able to grow turf well. Follow the test result recommendations. (Click on soil testing on our homepage.)

Read over the following fact sheet about how to have a successful lawn. It's simple and direct and works:


Do you have any other suggestion on how we can minimize the usage of grass? Perhaps a different layout?

You can always make shrub or flower beds, widen walks or lay pavers, or mulch particularly difficult spots.