Apple tree

Asked September 21, 2015, 12:46 AM EDT

My Honey crisp apple I planted in 2010 had blossoms and a few apples the first 2 years but none the last 2 years. Is there fertilizer or something I can do to make it boom?

What fertilizer should I use?


Dakota County Minnesota

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If your tree has not bloomed for two years in a row, then it has to do with the health of the tree itself. Are you absolutely sure there were no blossoms? Young Honeycrisp quite often take several years to produce. You may have had half a dozen or so blooms that you just did not see. Apple trees tend to produce fruit every other year so the year after the fruit bearing there may not have been any blossoms on so young a tree. There should have been just a few the year after that. If the tree is healthy otherwise, no sunscald or girdling of the trunk, and getting sufficient sunlight and moisture, you may just have to wait a little longer. There are spikes available for fruit trees but if you fertilize your grass in the area, the tree already is picking up fertilizer. You can try them if you wish. Also make sure there is another apple tree of sort in the area but pollination. Another Honeycrisp will not work.